What We Do

Welcome to Romeo Lab, the largest appliance failure rates testing

We at Romeo Lab strive to ensure that your appliances are safe to use and meet all the latest standards. We are here to test products, provide you with the latest results, and protect your interests as a consumer. Our state-of-the-art lab allows us to test everything from motors to air condititioners.

Our clients have plenty to say. In fact, we receive thousands of calls, e-mails, and letters to your customer relations department in regards to the questions and comments about the products we test every day.

We test models that represent the broad spectrum of products on the current market. Our analysts seek out products that offer new features and technology with a wide range of costs.

Our clients wonder about dishwashers that are louder than their conversations, refrigerators that cannot keep ice cream cold, and twisted light bulbs that save energy but end up costing you more. We aim to address the many inquiries we receive and review products and appliances for the home.

Next, we test the product and make a thorough report on our inspection. Our experts follow an emission test that determines the services of the appliance to see if it meets our standards and the industry. In cases where the product malfunctions or performs poorly, we determine the issue and see if it is an isolated or a possibly larger issue.

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