Greetings and Welcome to Romeo Lab!

Established in 2009, Romeo Lab offers a wide range of testing services to customers and strives to meet our client’s various appliance needs. We make our tests with the utmost importance, as we believe that our appliances must maintain the highest standards within the ever-changing industry of electrical products.

We at Romeo Lab understand that consumers values having the best quality rating at an affordable price. With the constant rise in costs for electricity, Romeo Lab takes careful considerations in new and existing appliances to help you find the best options for reducing bills. Whether it is a top luxury electrical appliance or a generic product, we can help you achieve the desired results and choose what you need for your appliance needs.

We listen to our consumers as we take regularly surveys about your experience in the market place for products and more. Our campaign is to help reduce unplanned costs, repairs and maintenance to help you stay on top of your appliance needs.

At Romeo Lab, we take pride in our company service to ensure that all options and avenues are thoroughly discussed prior results to achieve our client’s complete satisfaction.