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  • We Test. You Use!
    We Test. You Use!
    We are here to test products, provide you with the latest results, and protect your interests as a consumer.
  • Thorough testing since 2009!
    Thorough testing since 2009!
    Our experts follow an emission test that determines the services of the appliance to see if it meets our standards and the industry.

Romeo Lab is an independent organization that works alongside with our consumers to create a safer, informative and healthier world.

Together we strive to make our voice heard in regards to the quality of products and appliances available in the marketplace.

By testing products rigorously, we equip consumers to make informed decisions that will improve their lives and strengthen the community. By amplifying our voice with consumers, we can turn public opinions into action and compel companies to safeguard their products.

We believe that the marketplace must serve appliances and goods that will improve the quality of living, rise up the local consumers, strengthen engagement and make products offered with the highest of quality.

As home warranties help homeowners stay protected against large unexpected bills, our clients look to us to test out major appliances and plumbing failures. A solid home warranty provides optimal protection and a peace of mind for your home and appliances. Be sure to choose a home warranty for complete appliance protection.

In everything we do, we are committed to providing our consumers with quality data and serve as the golden standard to consumer power and knowledge. We aim to provide evidence-based product testing and ratings through rigorous research and investigation. When we discover products that are poorly made, we make it our mission to expose these brands of their public health and safety issues.

From responsible standards to protection and enhancement, we test products to ensure that they meet the front lines of consumers. We fearlessly test, review, and report on products, equip consumers to make meaningful decisions, influence businesses to improve their products, and bring our scientific expertise to power and elevate consumer-friendly regulations in favor of consumer health, privacy, safety, and financial security.



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